Using Marian’s system and her guidance I organized and marketed a very successful gallery opening. I found her support so valuable I have engaged her to help me with another project. She has shown me how to differentiate my work in a way I never would have thought of. With so many things on my plate it can be hard to stay focused, but I find the tools she has taught me how to use to be extremely helpful in accomplishing my goals.

     –Emily Stedman, Emily Stedman.com


With Marian’s help, I’ve taken steps that I knew I needed to take as well as steps that I never thought I’d take. I’m excited about the path these steps are taking me. It’s really beneficial to have someone to hold you accountable. I feel more in control. I’ve realized how to use my creativity and other aspects of my personality to my advantage. A few months ago I would have dismissed some of her suggestions with the excuse that it’s “not how things work in this business” but I’ve realized I need to do things differently in order to set myself apart. Marian has helped me realize this and it has resulted in some wonderful projects, ideas and creations.

–Christina Rodriguez, Christina Rodriguez Voice Overs


“Working with Marian has not only helped me grow my business but also grow as a person. She helped me see the value that I bring to my business and gain the confidence to implement successful strategies and marketing plans.”

–Pat Grenier, BRP/Grenier Financial Services


“Lack of focus was one of my main challenges. Since using the methods I learned from Marian’s system, I’m now focusing for hours at a time. My work often requires deep concentration for extended periods. I now can achieve my goals in half the time. I’ve been able to find 8 more hours in the week for my business and 10 more hours for my family. And my business is doing better than ever.  I consistently recommend Marian to colleagues and friends.”

–William H. Sipes, CPA, Sipes & Seaton, CPA


“I’m sitting here at 7:30 AM, planning my day – checking appointment times and prioritizing my tasks. I feel an immense sense of clarity because of the goal tracking. I see things really getting accomplished and it feels great.  This is a terrific system. In only a few months, my income is up 100% and my confidence has also improved. With the extra time I now have for myself, I’m actually starting a second web-based business.”

–Mike Veny, Professional Drummer and Drum Teacher, MikeVeny.com


“I needed to find more hours in my day to sell and promote my firm’s services. Marian’s advice and suggestions clarified for me that it was time to add an Associate who would do various search support and administrative tasks. This has freed up approx 15% of my time per week to focus on growing my business. This year’s income is expected to be up 25% from last year and one of the main reasons is having time to focus my efforts in places where I can make a difference.

–Karen N. Pinkman, KNP Associates


“Marian’s format for a Short Term Action Plan is one I return to again and again – because it works! Her format makes it easy to see the progress you are making. Being focused on the actions to be taken helped me spend my time on the right things. My efforts were directed towards completing my book which is now on its way to the printer!  Marian has a knack for asking the right, tough questions that get you to take off the blinders to see your business with fresh eyes. As a result, I discontinued efforts on a promotion that was not getting the desired results, and saved precious marketing dollars.”

–Cheryl Cook, Small Biz Big Results


Marian helped me figure out how to become more of a leader in my specialized field. I learned how to find answers to questions I wasn’t even aware I should be asking—like why a product wasn’t selling anymore. I started publishing my own books and products and created a whole different niche in a direction that makes a lot of sense for my business. My reach has grown! She helped me in branding, too, and in herding the cat—getting people on my team and focused on deadline.

–Elena Como, Atlantico Books


Marian helped me set long and short-term goals and made me more accountable for running the business. Working with her helped me make better decisions, and to pay attention to things I hadn’t been—like organization, financial accountability––which have made my business stronger. I definitely got better at decision-making, and more confident. When you’re a business owner you’re so used to doing things yourself, you have no chance to step out of the business and see what needs to be done and where the priorities are. Marian will help you do that.

—Sheila McQueen, Scrub Clean Maintenance


I am fortunate that I found Prime Strategies at a pivotal time in my career – starting my own business. With Marian’s guidance I was able to set a solid foundation to start my business. Marian’s no-nonsense approach helped me stay focused and achieve so many things in just a month; including a unique name that represents my business identity, a logo design and a website. Additionally we developed a clear message that resonates with my customers. Most importantly Marian’s way of setting goals gave me an internal compass of focus and confidence to achieve my business vision.

–Karen Alvarez, LuxeScape Design


I worked with Marian on setting my business goals. I wanted to focus on just the next business quarter, but Marian had me look at my overall goals and make sure I was working on the important and not just the urgent stuff. I also did an assessment of my current situation and realized how much I had put in place in the past few months and that I could slow down a bit. One of the things I also found very helpful, was that Marian had sent me a few articles on business planning and really take the time to plan and not just jump in and get going. I look forward to the next business quarter and am confident that I will reach my goals in a relaxed and organized manner and not have as much running around as in the past.

–Annaline Dinkelmann, Wall Street Walks