Strategy in Action: The Moment of Truth

Bill Sipes, CPA, and principal share-holder in Sipes & Associates,, Business Advisers and Appraisers, heads a muti-faceted Financial Services firm in Jackson, TN. Bill got caught up in the whiplash at the end of the 2001-03 recession. He missed his Sept. 30, 2003 annual revenue goal by a long way. Based on what has happened so far this fiscal year, projections indicate he very likely will surpass this year’s goal. What happened that made such a difference?

Bill decided to create (and implement) a new strategy.

Until a couple of years ago, his services included Write-up, Reporting and Taxes for businesses and some individuals. He also had become certified as a Business Appraiser and Valuation Expert and this contributed a good portion of the revenue. Last year the revenue from Appraisal and Valuation dropped significantly. [Read more…]