The Keys to Finding Good Help

Audrey had been looking for a Field Supervisor for months. She’d taken referrals from friends and family, posted at the colleges and on Craig’s list. So far, no one had met Audrey’s expectations. I was concerned that she would become discouraged and hire the wrong person to fill the job or would give up and continue to spend her own precious time doing the supervisor’s job. So I helped her see why she wasn’t attracting the right candidates.

The first thing she did was write out exactly what she wanted from this person. From that she created a specific and clear job description that was able to attract the right candidates. Once she posted it she finally found someone she believes will meet her expectations on the job.

The success of a small business is dependent on having good help. Without it, the business just cannot go to the next level.

Many owners have not had to hire or supervise anyone before, so they have no frame of reference for doing it the first time. It’s an art and a science, to which I don’t proclaim expert status, but over my years as a business leadership coach I’ve seen what works and what doesn’t.

Here are the steps I recommend for attracting and keeping good help. It doesn’t matter if it’s an employee or someone hired on a contract basis, the principles are the same. [Read more…]