Seven Keys to Giving and Receiving More Appreciation

Love, sex and money may make the world go round, but appreciation is what most of us are starving for, especially in the work environment. Appreciation is a strong motivator. It reinforces positive behavior and creates a bond between giver and receiver. Leaders who show appreciation for those who support and assist them will always have followers.

Appreciation is the balance between giving and receiving. People follow those who acknowledge value received and show their appreciation in some form. Today’s smart business leaders know that one of the best and least expensive ways to increase productivity is to offer appreciation for value received. And when you show appreciation for what others share, give or produce, it will be returned, even if not overtly stated.

When David, the owner of a sports equipment store, started showing appreciation for positive behavior instead of complaining about negative behavior from his retail sales staff, attendance improved and overall sales started to climb. One young man with a flair for style and design was given the opportunity to create an attractive display that increased sales of the displayed items. Personal and public appreciation for his contribution was enough encouragement for him to try other displays. He was eventually rewarded with a small override on promotional items for which he had created the display, but the real motivation came from the appreciation he received for a job well done and seeing the success of his efforts.

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