Clear Consistent Communication

As you know, I’ve recently joined Business Network International (BNI), where I’m getting to know a lot of entrepreneurs in a new way and even getting some new business.

I’d been a guest at two or three BNI Chapters in the past (there are 23 in Manhattan), but until n0w had not found a group that seemed a good fit. I chose to join the newest group; a nice mix of males and females who range from the professional to the storefront entrepreneur. The Chapter was established in April and already has 26 members.

Being a BNI member is a huge commitment because meetings are weekly at 7 a.m. (that’s right, 7 a.m.). I still don’t love that part of it, but I do look forward to seeing the members of the group each week.

At each meeting we have to give a 60 second stand- up intro. For each of the first 10 weeks I chose to speak about one of the C’s of Business Leadership in my 60 second stand-up. are the reasons I chose this tactic.

1) There are a lot of C’s that apply to Business Leadership (courage, clarity, commitment, communication. consistency…you get the idea). [Read more…]