Small Business Coaching

Small Business CoachingAre you having trouble reaching your goals? Or even setting them?

Do you feel confused about your business direction?

Is your business struggling because you are not taking strategic action?

It’s tough for a small business owner to go it alone, especially at key decision points. You know you need structure and accountability—and a plan. But how can you take an objective look at where you are when you’re always putting out fires?

The solution: Professional guidance plus tried-and-proven tools that put you on the right path and keep you focused.

As we work together you’ll discover how to use the six “prime” strategies of business success to grow your business. Drawing on my own entrepreneurial experience and specialized training , I translate the critical business principles into practical guidelines that fit you and your business.

I work with you to:

  • Find market niches that dramatically increase revenue
  • Cut expenses whenever possible
  • Make tough, sound business decisions in the face of challenge
  • Replace or retrain unproductive staff
  • Assess and update marketing activities
  • Consistently beat sales goals
  • Reach stretch goals based on your own plan of action
  • Address partnership issues that impede growth


First, we take an in-depth look at your business right now––what’s working, what’s not. We crystallize your vision of where you want to go. Then we identify immediate priorities and develop a short-term strategic plan.  Your business moves ahead even as we think long-range and  chart your course for growth. The steps include:

  • Creating a Short Term Action Plan that includes the steps to change the course of your business quickly, in line with your vision and goals
  • Building the additional skills you may need
  • Applying proven tools to organize your thinking and direct your actions
  • Practicing better-informed decision making
  • Reaping the benefits of becoming a results-oriented leader

You will build a business success system exactly suited to you and your business; a system you can use continuously as the basis for meeting the challenges that will come while building a strong and profitable business.


I recommend a minimum six-month commitment. Six months gives you a solid understanding of the strategies and how to apply them. Together we work out the type and frequency of interaction. The program needs to fit your schedule and your budget.


I’m happy to schedule a 20- to 30-minute get acquainted call. Just go to the Contact Page and send me a summary of your situation and what you’d like to accomplish.

Your success is my success!

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