Partnership Decision-Making Breakthrough


As a businessperson you face decisions every day: some are big, some are small, some are critical. But sometimes, it feels impossible to make the call. You may feel totally blocked in deciding, for example, whether to…

  • hire or fire a key person
  • expand into a new market
  • invest in expensive new technology
  • reconcile a partnership disagreement
  • turn a negative financial situation around in a particular way

What makes a decision tough? Sometimes you don’t like any of the alternatives. Sometimes it’s hard to predict probable outcomes from the known options. Or you may realize that emotional factors interfere with your judgment.

Prime Strategies CEO Marian Banker has invented a service specifically designed to help you break through such an impasse. With you she focuses on your issue and applies her solid business knowledge, analytic skills and broad perspective. She takes you through a step-by-step process for arriving at a decision that works for you both business-wise and emotionally. In some cases, you may even conclude it makes most sense to delaythe decision.


1. Send Marian the information requested below, briefly describing your situation and the decision you need to make.

2. You and Marian talk by telephone (no charge) to determine whether she can help you, and you can decide whether to move forward.

3. You enroll in the Two-Hour Decision-Making Breakthrough and pay the fee–just $97 if you sign up during the special introductory period. A convenient time is scheduled for the work. Marian sends you preliminary tools and materials, which asks some questions, to set the stage for an informed session.

4. Marian prepares by reviewing your information and what you want to accomplish, considering the positives, the negatives, the options open to you.

5. Wherever you are, you and Marian talk by telephone and she guides you to look at your options systematically, consider their ramifications, and how to handle them.

6. You will be guided to make your decision, based on what you’re trying to accomplish, the joint analysis, and your own gut feelings.

If you prefer to delay the decision for a few days, Marian will schedule a follow-up conversation as part of the agreement.



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