Partnership Coaching & Support

Is your business partnership struggling because of:

  • Different visions about business direction and goals
  • Out-of-synch work styles
  • Lack of constructive communication
  • Different views of how to manage the business
  • Compensation issues
  • Work/life balance discrepancies
  • Succession planning conflicts

…or other problems?

Building a strong and profitable business is tough. When you’re doing it in partnership, the challenges are even more complex. Many partnerships find themselves needing help.

Often an outside perspective (and sometimes intermediary) can contribute to sorting out partnership issues and concerns. Prime Strategies has worked with a number of partnerships and has developed this counseling specialization.

Sometimes our client is a disenchanted or frustrated partner looking for help in addressing long-standing issues. Sometimes all the partners see the value of guidance to maximize the benefits of partnership. Sometimes we counsel members of a prospective partnership on the best way to set up the relationship.

We believe it’s important for each partner to know his own motivation and what he expects from the partnership. When personal expectations are not met, dissatisfaction and negative outcomes can result.

Partnerships work when all partners focus on the same business goals, while also working toward their own personal goals. Each partner uses his strengths to build and support the business. Each feels that his personal expectations are met, and is accountable for meeting agreements with the other partners.

An effective partnership is achieved through communication, agreement and accountability. This is how we can help you bridge the gaps, correct misunderstandings, and reorient relationships.

It’s a shame for a partnership with the potential to grow and develop profitably to fail because of unresolved issues.

If you’d like to discuss your partnership, select Partner Coaching on the Contact page and Marian will be in touch to schedule a time to talk. A conversation will determine if she can help.