Partnership Problem: Unforeseen Situations

Strategy: Plan to talk and talk the plan!

Most people, who start a business, know they can’t plan for every problem. As a solo entrepreneur they either have to resolve the situation alone or ask for outside help.  In a partnership the problem strategy needs to be regularly scheduled meetings to not only talk about business in general, but to use the time to also discuss problems and concerns.

But what about the problems that occur on a daily basis?  This is the best time to cash in on the perks of partnership!

There are going to be problems that need immediate answers… like disgruntled customers, shipping problems, etc.  Regardless of which partner or employee handled the issue, even if the outcome was less than desired, there must be transparency and detailed communication about the problem. Emotions come into play when things seem a bit out of control, so this needs to be kept in mind when opening discussion on an issue. Regardless of the field or industry, policies are needed to make certain every problem gets handled in a way that gets best results.

If you find your partner resisting or “forgetting” about these critical opportunities to communicate with each other, I’d suggest you take command of the situation and create a plan for operations the way you believe is best. Present it to your partner for discussion. You will find more interest in such a meeting.

In addition to these regular strategy meetings, having a planned “go to” list of who best can solve which kind of problems, will help resolve problems more quickly and with better outcomes.

Sometimes it’s helpful to get an outside perspective on problem resolution.  Asking for help or ideas is never a sign of weakness; in fact it shows how dedicated you are to the business getting to the top!  I specialize in working with one or more partners to put them in command of their partnership and their business. My mission is to help you and your partnership business succeed.  Read more Partnership articles on the Prime Strategies blog.