Meet Marian Banker

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I’m an entrepreneur myself so I know first-hand the challenges you face building a business based on your skills or talent, and special product or service.

My own approach was to steep myself in solid business practices and learn from the best people and programs I could find. Then I proved out the principles and ideas to develop my own business. Gradually I realized that my compelling interest was in using my experience, perspective and know-how to help entrepreneurs lead their own businesses more confidently and make better decisions.

I’ve worked with small business owners, professionals and executives since 1996. My style is structured, focused, and goal-directed. Over time, I evolved an easy-to use methodology called the Business Success System. Step by step, with my clients, I identify key problems and develop a plan of corrective action. Then we build a restructuring blueprint and framework to support a profitable business that moves in the right direction.

The core of all my coaching–and my own motivation–is to reconnect entrepreneurs with the passion that led them to create their businesses.

I know that no matter how much specialized expertise an entrepreneur brings to a business, handling the constant challenges of management and marketplace shifts is usually not part of his or her skill set. I give my clients a crash course in the skills they need. I guide them to focus on planning their business. I provide the framework and systems they need to reach their own goals.

Working with me, my clients develop the knowledge, perspective and tools to support their own rekindled vision and a new ability to think and function as a leader.

My clients’ success is my success, too.


How I Found My Own Business Mission

I began coaching in 1996 after going through my own business transition. I started working with a number of small businesses but found a defining moment a few years later when my new client, Denise, was engaged in a business life-or-death situation.

Although she employed five people and was billing $450,000 after only two years, she couldn’t meet the cash requirements of her physical therapy business. She was borrowing money for payroll and her debt was growing. This was despite a slew of happy patients, referral sources and growing service units. Working 65-hour weeks to both run the business and provide patient services, she became so frazzled and frustrated that her marriage was at risk too.

My assessment immediately showed almost $100,000 tied up in Accounts Receivable, much of it 120 days past due. First order was a plan to tap those outstanding accounts and pay the immediate debt. Then we applied the principles of good business structure to align Denise’s assets, create an operating framework and establish a turnaround plan for growing the business into a state-of-the-art prevention and specialty rehab center.

The light bulb moment for me: I realized that so many business people face their own struggles to find the right course of action and resolve problems before they escalate too far. It’s not surprising; entrepreneurs have little opportunity to learn how to take control of their business–and keep it.

My commitment is to help small business owners strategize a course of action that will transform them into leaders of their own business and put them on a solid foundation for ongoing growth. Together we set the course for what clients want for their business and their life.