Late-Life Entrepreneur Services

Whether you’re a longtime entrepreneur or want to decide if business ownership is right for you, you need to prepare for today’s challenges.

More than ever before in history, people near retirement age and beyond are running their own businesses or thinking about it. Some have been in business for years, others are just starting out. The considerations and challenges for this group are quite different from those of other ages. Hard decisions need to be made and that’s not always easy to do alone.

Whatever your reasons, you know you want to achieve your goals in a concentrated amount of time without a lot of trial and error. You want to use your knowledge and expertise effectively, even if you may never have run a business before or developed management skills.

I’m in the late-life entrepreneur category myself so I fully understand the challenges, questions and considerations of starting or maintaining a business at this time of life. I can help in several ways.

   Support you in reviewing your life priorities, the issues surrounding retirement, and anticipating changes in family demands, energy levels and health

  Help you realistically evaluate your business prospects through structured analysis

  Provide you with a foundation in business strategy to quick-start your enterprise and ensure you stay on a productive track

  Give you a crash course in the management techniques and tools you need

Prime Strategies offers individual consultations for the specific concerns of late-life entrepreneurs. We also present seminars and workshops to help you explore what’s possible and meet like-minded people.

For a free consultation, please complete the Contact form and tell me about your situation.



“Everybody says your mind is the most important thing about your body. Your mind and your body. You keep both busy, and by God you’ll be here a long time.” 

Walter Breuning, age 114