Got Goals? Here’s a System to Achieve Them

Which of the following scenarios describes you?

* You have specific, defined goals for next year. You’ve quantified and are prepared to carry out a written plan of action.

* You have mental goals that you think are going to take you in the direction you want to go, but you have not been taking consistent action toward.

* You know you should set goals and be working toward them, but you’re not really clear about what you want to accomplish or even what’s realistic.

If either of the last two describes you, I predict you could be in for disappointment come the end of next year. What I’ve learned in coaching business owners is that goal achievement is something everyone knows about and wants, but frequently are at a loss Brain Exchange about how to attain. Goal setting and achievement is a process with a beginning and end point with specific interim steps in between.

The game of football offers a good analogy; always seeking the end goal, but setting and achieving short term yardage goals that eventually add up
to a touchdown.

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