The Heart of Your Business

What’s at the heart of your business? What drives your business? As the heart drives the circulation and the life of its host, the same is true of your business. Every business needs a heart, that which energizes it and keeps it rewarding. Many business owners have forgotten what constitutes the heart of their business.

The heart of your business taps the most basic of motivators that energize around something that you have a passion about. My passion is small business leaders, their trials, tribulations, joys, successes and recognition for the great job they’re doing to drive the “recovery”.

Visibility, recognition, community – and ultimately GROWTH! It’s for every small business leader who recognizes the value that such a community will have. It actually already does exist on a small scale and I want to now share it with as many as can “get it”.

What’s your passion? What gets you motivated and energized? That’s the spirit you want to capture and stay with as much as possible. When you’re coming from “the heart” you will be able to define your role more easily. If you’re a creative type, don’t even think about doing things that require formulas and structure. Hire someone or find a partner who can balance out your limitations.

Staying with the heart can be difficult because you are bound to meet obstacles along the way that can make you question your decision. I know; I’ve been learning some of these lessons myself.

Records show that Edison tried and failed more than 1,000 times before inventing a light bulb that worked. Most people quit after one or two failures. What if Edison had decided to quit? No way — he was on a mission.

Reconnect with the heart of your business
Let this define your role and how you communicate with others
Don’t give up when faced with obstacles
Stay in touch with what keeps you going back for more.