Clear Consistent Communication

As you know, I’ve recently joined Business Network International (BNI), where I’m getting to know a lot of entrepreneurs in a new way and even getting some new business.

I’d been a guest at two or three BNI Chapters in the past (there are 23 in Manhattan), but until n0w had not found a group that seemed a good fit. I chose to join the newest group; a nice mix of males and females who range from the professional to the storefront entrepreneur. The Chapter was established in April and already has 26 members.

Being a BNI member is a huge commitment because meetings are weekly at 7 a.m. (that’s right, 7 a.m.). I still don’t love that part of it, but I do look forward to seeing the members of the group each week.

At each meeting we have to give a 60 second stand- up intro. For each of the first 10 weeks I chose to speak about one of the C’s of Business Leadership in my 60 second stand-up. are the reasons I chose this tactic.

1) There are a lot of C’s that apply to Business Leadership (courage, clarity, commitment, communication. consistency…you get the idea).

2) For 10 weeks in a row I can use the same concept. One of the C’s is for Consistency and people have commented on my Consistency. That’s an image I want to instill in potential clients and referral partners.

3) What I’m doing is a little different. People remember me as the lady who speaks about the Leadership C’s.

4) It gives me a chance to educate my audience about what I do and how I think. Most people don’t readily connect Business Leadership with being an entrepreneur. I want to educate them.

5) People will associate me with the words and the concepts I present. I can later use the C words in conversation to reinforce the Connection.

Your Assignment: Consider how you can apply these same concepts to your own business.

Select key words or concepts that apply to your industry, market or business.
Consider where you can use them to educate your audience and brand yourself. Some places to consider are:
on your web site,
in your marketing and broadcast materials,
in speaking before groups,
when talking with prospects.
It’s about Consistency and Clarity of Communication. Have fun with it.

Save-Your-Business News

IRS Increases Mileage Rate Until Dec. 31, 2005

The Internal Revenue Service and Treasury Department announced an increase to the optional standard mileage rates for the final four months of 2005.

The rate will increase to 48.5 cents a mile for all business miles driven between Sept. 1 and Dec. 31, 2005. This is an increase of 8 cents from the 40.5 cent rate in effect for the first eight months of 2005, as set forth in Rev. Proc. 2004-64.

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