Business Community: A Closer Look

One of the phenomena I’ve observed in producing and hosting the Small Business Summit,, over the past 5 years is the business community that has built up around this activity. In addition to attendees we have a number of loyal sponsors who have come back year after year to support our efforts and take advantage of the growing small business community interested in business and technology.

At the Summit you get to reconnect with old friends and have the opportunity to make new ones. We have heard time after time that great new business connections are made at the Summit each year. That’s the bottom line value of the Summit. I hope you will join me at this year’s Summit and experience what I’m talking about.

The Summit is an example of an Informal community; people in a variety of tech and other businesses who come together annually to be updated on technology for small business, make new connections and reconnect with old friends. In this year’s afternoon Summit panel you’ll be hearing from three ladies who have built business communities, “Building Community: Three Successful Women Share Their Stories”. [Read more…]

A Small Business Community’s Success Story

I’m still high from the energy and positive feedback we’ve had from the Third Annual Small Business Summit 2008. Support and enthusiasm about making it happen was apparent from last year’s Summit, but we didn’t know we’d have a sell-out and fill the house. Last year we had 360 attendees and this year it was 450.

As a small business community in one of the nation’s major business centers, it’s clear that we are a vocal and expanding community. The Summit concept and community now has a life of its own. People tell us they look forward to attending each year and many ask what else we’re doing. Here’s a quick glimpse at how it happens and why I believe it’s a success.

It all started in the Spring of 2005. I had read articles and posts by Ramon Ray,, for several months and finally decided to attend an event where he was speaking. I was impressed by his presentation and the fact that he focused on small business technology. It’s a critical element of any small business, but not really my strong suit. I wanted to know more about his work, so we decided to meet for coffee. [Read more…]