Follow the Money

If you’re feeling frustrated with the results of your sales efforts, don’t give up yet. Follow the money!

It may seem like nobody is spending money these days, but that’s not true. Businesses of all sizes must spend money to continue operations. Individuals still minimally need the basics. What will it take to get them to spend money with you?

Ask the question: where are your prospects spending their money? Businesses and individuals alike are being much more careful in prioritizing their expenditures. Discretionary income is almost non-existent for some. Any expense that can be put off very likely will be. So if yours is a luxury or discretionary item, offering a “value package” that serves a need (even if emotional), might tip the scale in your favor.

Value is different for each prospect and your job is to determine how you can provide it. Barnes & Noble built its online business quickly by offering free shipping when did not.

Offering additional help from a trusted source can make a difference, too. What about [Read more…]