Give Them What You Want

John Warner, CEO of tells a story about a total stranger who gave him the secret to which he attributes his success. The following is excerpted from his story and is spoken by the stranger.

“You are your market. Whatever you want, there are millions of other people wanting the same thing. That elusive Home Business you are looking for is the product millions of others are also looking for right now.

All you have to do is create the Business you want to buy, the Business you yourself have been looking for. Once you have this Business, what would you want the sales message to say so that you know this is the Business you have been looking for?

If someone else were marketing this Business, what would you want the ad to say, what would get you to sign up? When you have the answer, this is the ad you want to create.

See that business across the street? Pizza. I could triple the business that place does inside of 10 minutes. All I would do is walk into the business as a customer. I would sit there and imagine all the things that could be done to me that would make me a loyal customer to that business for life. What could they do for me that would make me feel this way?

Once I had the answers to that question, I would implement them across the board. Every customer would be treated the way I had imagined. And without any doubt whatsoever that business would triple the profits it now makes.

What I am telling you has power undreamed of. The simple words used to describe it cannot contain it, does not do justice to it, and has been prostituted by blabber mouths who let wisdom fall off their lips with not even a single brain cell grasping what they are rambling about.

What I am telling you is Law, not man’s Law, but the very Law of nature herself. It’s the way things work and those who truly understand it rise to the top in every field known to man.

What people don’t understand is that it applies to everything. This secret can be applied with virtually every step you take, everything you do, every word you speak and everyone concerned profits by it.

If you are a writer, write like you would like to be written to. If you are a salesman, sell like you would like to be sold to. If you are a speaker, speak like you would like to be spoken to. If you want more love, then love like you would like to be loved. If you want more friends, be the friend you would like to see.

When you infuse everything you do with this secret it takes on a magical power. Businesses dominate the market, books become best sellers, leaders attract huge and loyal followings.

Those are great questions to think about every time you do or create something. You will get into the hearts and minds of everyone who comes under your influence if you will first think how you would have it done to you.

This one simple secret is the answer. I always ask myself, how would I like to be treated by this company? What would I like to see? What would I like to get? How would I like to be dealt with?

Those simple questions are all you have to answer. When you do get the answers, put them into action and watch what happens.”

John believes this is the key to his success. I think we’ve all seen this work from time to time. Most of us just don’t use it as the primary guiding principle in how we operate. Look at your customer service practices. Do you treat customers and prospects the way you would like to be treated? Are you providing a service or product you would want for yourself? Are you telling people about it in a manner that you’d clearly understand?

I want opportunities to show what I know and what I can do, I want to put myself in the company of my target market (or those who can refer me to my target market) and I want to compare notes with others in similar situations. Like John, I try to provide for others what I want for myself and what I hear that others like me want. In providing what I would like for myself I attract those who want the same thing.

When I meet someone new I like to ask myself, “knowing what I know about his person, what would I want if I were in their shoes”. This helps me ask the right questions. Of course, I still need to learn, by asking those questions, just what it is they want. Now I’m in the best position to give them what they want, if I can.

The lesson in John’s story is that we already have the answers to the success of our business. Give them what YOU want and watch what happens.