Discover what Prime Strategies can do for YOU

If you’re an entrepreneur, a professional running your own business or part of a partnership, Prime Strategies offers customized support to help you plan, solve problems and accelerate your success. As your small business coach our goals are to:

  • Put you in confident command of your business
  • Foster your practical and leadership skills
  • Recognize and resolve your key issues
  • Sharpen or reshape your positioning and branding
  • Create––and implement––a practical strategic plan
  • Keep you focused and accountable

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Build a Strategic Action Plan In One Day

New Program!
Prime Strategies CEO Marian Banker has distilled her many years experience into a new service that prepares you to take action on your immediate issues. It’s called The One-Day Fast-Track Plan.

Together you review your current situation using her proprietary analytic tools, clarify your vision, identify obstacles, consider options, project outcomes, and make decisions. At day’s end you hold in your hand a practical strategic action plan with clear goals, specific strategies and actions to accomplish each one. You’re ready to forge ahead on your own or call on Marian for support.

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